Month: May 2012

Fall Registrations Now Accepted

Pre-registration forms for private instruction in 2012-13 were recently mailed to current Academy families.  The form should be filled out in its entirety and returned with a deposit; this non-refundable deposit will be applied to next year’s bill (it is not an extra fee).  Pre-registration ensures a place in your teacher’s studio for next year, so families are encouraged to take care of this promptly (due June 1st).  Families with a current balance due will need to settle the account before fall pre-registration is accepted.

If your child has auditioned for a large ensemble or is about to do so (Girl Choir, Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band, ASTRO), we thank you for your patience.  We will get letters out to everyone who auditioned by the end of this month.  It is quite a complex process to track and prepare the correct information for every student we hear!  In addition, some programs may be growing or changing slightly; we want to be sure you have correct information from the start.

Thank you for your continued support of the Academy programs!

New Academy Tuition Assistance Process

A new tuition assistance application and award process has been announced at Lawrence Academy of Music. The process will ensure the ongoing fiscal stability of the Academy while providing assistance to those who need it.  All students who were registered in an Academy program in 2011-12 who wish to apply for tuition assistance (either through the DPI or tutti! scholarship funds) will need to have a complete application turned in to the Academy office by June 15th.

In order to ensure access to as many students as possible, the Academy will limit the funding for each individual student per year.  A student may receive tuition assistance for private instruction on one instrument only.  If s/he wishes to augment that instruction with one large ensemble OR one class such as theory or aural skills, s/he may receive tuition assistance for one additional experience.  As before, students enrolled in an ensemble (ASTRO, girl choir, Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band) but not enrolled in private instruction will be granted tuition assistance if the family qualifies.

Please note the new Teacher Recommendation Form that is part of the application.  An Academy teacher is required to fill this out for each student who was enrolled in an Academy program in 2011-12.  Teachers may return this form directly to the office; families need not collect it before submitting the rest of the application.  Tuition assistance applications are available now in the Academy office or online.