Category: Honors and Accomplishments

2009 Piano Festival

Two hundred area students, representing 21 teachers, participated in the Lawrence Academy of Music Piano Festival on April 25, 2009. Following performance auditions including two memorized pieces and written theory tests, nineteen winners were chosen to perform in the Piano Festival Recital on Sunday, May 3, 2009 in Harper Hall. Congratulations to all of the participants for accepting the challenge to work hard and excel in their music studies, and to the winners and those receiving an honorable mention:

2009 Piano Festival Winners:

Grades K-1

Stacey Jeng (Larisa Topolkaraeva)

Asha Keck (Larisa Topolkaraeva)

Diana Song (Wen-Lei Gu)

Grades 2-3

Kaylann Adler (Larisa Topolkaraeva)

Reagan Blohowiak (Larisa Topolkaraeva)

Philip Buchman (Larisa Topolkaraeva)

Grades 4-5

Payton Fors (Emily Robida)

Quinton Nennig (Nina Elworth)

Jack Russell (Joslyn Vandermause)

Charles Wu (Wen-Lei Gu)

Grades 6-7

Payton Bayer (Nell Buchman)

Anna Crosby (Larisa Topolkaraeva)

Bridget Flaherty (Larisa Topolkaraeva)

Christina Hanson (Larisa Topolkaraeva)

Michaela Sumnicht (Lisa King Gehrke)

Grades 8-9

Grace Flaherty (Larisa Topolkaraeva)

Brandon Li (Mary Van De Loo)

Grades 10-11-12

Cameron Pieper (Larisa Topolkaraeva)

Joanne Zhou (Larisa Topolkaraeva)

Honorable Mention

Grades K-1

Kaden Van De Loo (Catherine Walby)

Grades 2-3

Pierce Blohowiak (Larisa Topolkaraeva)

Eden Bayer (Nell Buchman)

Shamira Corzantes (Nell Buchman)

Brian Zhou (Larisa Topolkaraeva)

Grades 4-5

Brooke Bayer (Nell Buchman)

Evans Chen (Michael Rivers)

Rachel Dulcamara (Barbara Froelich)

Olivia Newhouse (Mary Van De Loo)

Rachel Oostbrug (Sally Orm)

Marc Padilla (Catherine Walby)

Grades 6-7

Lauren Arnett (Michael Rivers)

Erik Gerhardt (Nina Elworth)

Miguel Jimenez (Nell Buchman)

Clauria Rohr (Barbara Froelich)

Jessica Stohr (Larisa Topolkaraeva)

Grades 8-9

Patrick DiPoto (Barbara Froelich)

Cody Goetz (Catherine Walby))

Nathan Li (Mary Van De Loo)

Grades 10-11-12

Monica Chou (Larisa Topolkaraeva)

Max Feldkamp (Emily Robida)

Sarah Quist (Larisa Topolkaraeva)

Encore Awards-2009

The Lawrence Academy of Music unveiled a new merit award for our auditioned instrumental ensembles – THE ENCORE AWARD. In addition to receiving a $200 Academy scholarship, criteria includes a strong work ethic, consistent contribution to the group, exemplary attitude, evidence of musical growth over time and potential for leadership in coming years.

The awards were presented at the Sunday, March 15 concerts in the Lawrence Memorial Chapel by the ensemble conductors. Ian Schuh, violin, received the ASTRO (Academy String Orchestra) award presented by Carrie Gruselle; Amanda Olson, tenor saxophone, and Russell Burton, percussion, received the Symphonic Band awards presented by Jon Meyer and Kathryn Yuill, percussion, and Michael Hughes, trumpet, received the Wind Ensemble awards presented by Laura Sindberg. Congratulations and best wishes to these fine recipients!

Fred Snyder

Director, Lawrence Academy of Music