Student Stories

The Lawrence University  Student Stories act as windows into the lives of current Lawrence students. From everyday life experiences, to adventures abroad, the student stories will tell you what the typical Lawrence  student is up to on a daily basis and how they make the most of their time at Lawrence. If you are interested in learning about what it is like to be a Lawrence student then follow the stories of anyone of our students listed below. Enjoy!

Jonah Laursen

Election Day at Lawrence - It is midterm time at Lawrence again, although not in the classroom, but at the polls. Even inside the “Lawrence Bubble” campus has been buzzing in anticipation of midterm elections for some closely contested Wisconsin races. In Wisconsin the laws allow for voters to register up to and including Election Day. The laws also allow […]

Daniel Bernstein

Björklunden! - Greetings! Last weekend, I went on my second official trip to Björklunden (pronounced Bee-York’-Loon-Den), which is Lawrence’s retreat center in Door County, Wisconsin! Basically, it’s this gigantic, beautiful lodge situated right next to Lake Michigan that is operated by Lawrence, and it is used on the weekends as a retreat center for Lawrence student groups/organizations […]

Clare Lauer

FC Nantes - Hello everyone! There’s tons and tons that I could talk about with all of you, from writing a ten page paper in french (ahh!) to going to Madrid, Spain (which was incredible!!). But I just got back from watching a football match (soccer game) of Nantes’ professional team, and it was amazing! I love going […]

Yame Senye

Sigma Phi Epsilon Barbeque - Hey everyone! Just a quick check in today guys. So, during memorial weekend we had LUaroo; one of the most jam packed weekends I have ever had this term. After the event Sigma Phi Epsilon threw a barbeque and everyone just hung out in the quad. Finals are drawing closer as the days go by […]

Shannon Strombom

Saying Goodbye - There’s less than two weeks left. That’s less than two weeks until I graduate from college. Less than two weeks to check things off my SYST bucket list. Less than two weeks to pack up my things, finish my schoolwork, say my goodbyes and mentally prepare myself for Life after Lawrence. It’s terrifying. It’s exciting. […]

Stephanie Vahlsing

Summer is here! - It seems like all of my posts focus on the weather…well at least their titles do.  In my defense, it has been a hard year weather-wise!  But today it was officially 80+ degrees!  I absolutely love spending time outside reading and doing homework, so that’s what I’ve been doing so far this weekend!   It’s […]

Emily Wendorff

Fall Transitions to Winter… - It’s hard to believe that the term is winding down already! It’s ninth week now and it feels like it was warm and sunny out just yesterday.  This term has been full of exciting things, and lots of hard work as well.  Musically, there has been a lot to see in the conservatory this term, […]