Trivia Log: Day 3

by Matthew Geleske on February 4, 2016

I am surrounded by weirdos. I haven’t slept in 19 hours. My blood content is 73% black coffee and Kool-Aid. The scientifically-proven worst song in the world, “Africa” by the 80s band Toto, is blaring from the radio, jack-hammering its way into the deep recesses of my mind where it will remain there for months. The room most closely resembles a Cold War era intelligence meeting, with each person in the room completely engrossed in the glowing screen of his or her computer. My friend next to me is glazing over the online Southwest Airline Flight records from 2002, desperate for any hint that might lead to his goal. On a slightly unrelated note, he hasn’t bathed in weeks. It’s Trivia time at Lawrence, and it is the best weekend of the year.

When you think of a normal trivia game, you usually assume that the questions being asked, while difficult, are usually within the reach of normal human knowledge. “Who wrote Game of Thrones?” “What language do they speak in Morocco?” With a quick expedition into one’s own memory, questions such as these are pretty answerable. Questions for Great Midwest Trivia contest, Lawrence’s own three day trivia fiasco, are much more intricate. A question might go along the lines of “According to the blog of the producer of the sixth most popular television show in 1986, what is the most comfortable seating arrangement for a dining room?” (Note: I made that question up as an example. Please don’t try to find the answer because it definitely doesn’t exist). Players then phone into the radio station where the questions are being broadcasted by the “Trivia Masters” where they attempt to give the right answer. These trivia questions are complex and often lead players on a sadistic Internet scavenger hunt to the darkest corners of the deep web, requiring from everyone involved in Trivia, players and Trivia Masters, a dash of insanity.

If scouring the Internet for meaningless scraps of information isn’t quite your thing, then there are certainly many other ways to join in the unique customs of Trivia. Trivia players compete on teams in order to try and manage the madness. Anything can count as a team; you could be on a team with your residence hall, club, or even just group of friends. Once in a while, there will be action questions meaning that the teams must do some sort of action in a competition of interpretive weirdness. This year, one of the action questions involved the teams to gather outside of a concert then pretend to be paparazzi as the musicians left. Another action question was simply “Make brunch magical.” You could also have fun by answering phones for the Trivia Masters while other times its nice to just hang out with your team and soak in the Trivia atmosphere.


Here’s my team, Cardboard Dave, frantically searching for some random answer to question that I have no hope of remembering.

Trivia, as a whole, is Lawrence’s most unique and oldest tradition. It’s hard to believe, but next year will be the 52nd year of Trivia. It’s an institution at Lawrence, and one of the weekends that I look forward to the most.


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Living in a quad

by Tamanna Akram on January 29, 2016

As a sophomore, living in a quad is like landing a job. And living in a Hiett quad is like landing a dream job. For those of you who are wondering why this is the case, let me give you a brief summary of what this is all about.

Hiett Hall is an apartment style dorm at Lawrence, and mostly upperclassmen get to live here. For the freshman class, room assignments are made according to the form we fill that matches us to our roommates. But for other classes, it all depends on your lottery number- a random number assigned to you at housing selection. The lower the number, the better your chances are of getting a good room. And, for you to get a quad, the average of all four of your quad mates’ lottery numbers is taken into account. Luckily, my quad mates are all juniors and I had a great lottery number. And voila! We have a quad in Hiett with big windows, facing the beautiful Fox River.

Living in a quad is exciting. We have two bedrooms, a bathroom and a lounge area. My quad mates and I put a lot of effort into decorating it. My friends in Appleton came over and gave us a lot of things to put up on the wall and around the room. They also made a tea table out of a photo frame and a board for us to leave notes.


 took up a side of the wall to put some of our paintings. Another friend donated his TV as everybody decided to make our lounge the “it” place to play videogames. That leads me to another point: quads are messy.


When I asked one of my roomies, they said “Somebody also donated a PS3 and PS4 recently. We have a lot of guests coming in at the most random times. We also some honorary members.” All of these people that we attract bring in everything with them. The list includes food, clothes, books, bags, dirt and snow. We love welcoming our friends, and their friends and their friends!

Once a week, my quad mates and I get into cleaning mode and make the whole place look fabulous again! We have celebrated birthdays, shared stories and created so many memories in the tiny lounge that it holds a special place in all our hearts.

Living with three other people who are some of your closest and best friends is amazing. We check up on each other and figure out times to get dinner or to use the shower in the morning before classes. We look out for each other and have silly moments laying around and not doing work. We take care of the quad like it is our home away from home. And the people in it are family.





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I Have to Go to Class?

January 20, 2016

You’ve probably heard about Lawrence classes. If you’ve ever been within 10 feet of a Lawrence brochure or one of those massive e-mail blasts then those small sized, discussion based classes should sound pretty familiar. And, I have to say, “It’s true. All of it.” (Abrams, Star Wars: The Force Awakens). You’ll learn about citations like […]

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January 12, 2016

As a sophomore at Lawrence, I have had the chance to take two tutorials so far. At first, I did not know how it worked. Who should I go to? Are my ideas worth it? Will I be able to add another class to my schedule? These were the questions that hovered around my mind. […]

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Campus Center’s Bike Program

November 18, 2015

The Warch Campus Center offers a bike program for all students on campus. You can rent out bikes from 8am until 10pm by just giving your ID at the Information Desk. Many students take advantage of this program as it is completely free of cost. Our campus often takes initiatives such as this one, to […]

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