Job seekers from all over the world are gathering to meet recruiters and hiring managers from some of the world’s top companies – in Second Life! The event, called Network in World, or NiW, will take place May 15 – 17, 2007.

Second Life is the world’s first 3-D virtual world entirely built and owned by its residents. Since opening to the public in 2003, it has grown explosively and today has over a half-billion registered users from around the globe. If you are unfamiliar with Second Life, here’s a brief run down. Once registered on Second Life, you create an avatar to represent you in “the World”. You’ll encounter other people and their creations as you explore the World. You can own land, build homes or business, buy and sell, and now, you can even participate in a career fair!

Once you’ve signed on for NiW, you will need to request the day/s and time/s you’d like to attend. If your qualifications meet the needs of the employer, you will be contacted.

Once your request is confirmed, NiW will send you a link directly to TMP Island. There, you can get training on how to interact inside Second Life. Training is optional so if you are already comfortable in Second Life, just come when it’s time for your meeting and you’ll be teleported from TMP Island via company telehubs to the company’s specific location on the island.

You’ll meet recruiters, hiring managers or both, and have time to chat, ask questions and explore opportunity. What happens then is up to you.

The recruiters: eBay, HP, Microsoft, Sodexho, T-Mobile, Verizon.

One thought on “The world’s first virtual, 3D interactive job fair”

  1. Hi.
    To illustrate what is said in your post, let me introduce you to the efairjob.(first event is on march 17th). (everywhere across Canada).
    the link is:
    the efairjob has the advantage of offering an entire 3d environment (like second life), with all the functionalies of a virtual job fair (chat, webcam, etc). Dozens of companies have joined the event and hundreds of jobs are gonna be offered.
    If you have ever experienced a virtual jobfair, what are your coments concerning this one?
    do you think that a virtual jobfair can replace the physical one?
    thank you.
    Yann Levy
    eMarketing Strategist

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