Bring many copies of your resume to submit to employers.

Do your homework. Review the online directory of employers and their job opportunities ( Having some background on an organization will allow you to ask very focused and specific questions. This impresses representatives because it shows a genuine interest in them.

Dress appropriately. First impressions are important. You will probably be most comfortable if you at least dress in “business casual.”

Prioritize the employers you’re most interested in. You may find it easiest to start with the employers in which you’re the least interested. This will allow you to hone your approach and to be most confident when you approach the employers you’re especially excited about.

Introduce yourself. Extend your hand, say “hello,” and state your name. Thank the representative for taking the time to be at the fair.

Take notes. Write down the names, telephone numbers, etc. of other staff in the organization whom you can contact later. Note specific employer information sessions, on-campus interviewing and projected hiring dates that will affect you.

Ask the representative for his/her card, and then promptly send a thank-you note. Having the business card of the representative serves three purposes. First, you have a direct contact with the organization, including the proper spelling of the representative’s name, direct telephone line, etc. Second, a brief thank-you note acknowledges the help they gave you and the time they took to visit. Third, sending thank-you notes is a good professional habit.

Respect employers’ materials/sample items. Some employers bring large quantities of print materials clearly intended for students to take. Other employers bring a few copies of print materials, sample products, etc. as displays at their tables. Always check with employers before taking materials from their tables.

Be courteous! In addition to representing yourself, you also represent your university. Demonstrate sensitivity to other students waiting to speak with employers by keeping your questions brief and offering to continue your conversation at a later time. Enjoy the fair and your interaction with the employers. Let your positive attitude show!


“Tips to get the most out of career fairs.”