My first week at Copley reinforced several aspects of the Lawrence experience in a big way. Of the six interns, four are from Ivy League schools and the other is from Colby, another liberal arts institution. With no doubt, I can say that Lawrence (and Colby, and I’m sure many other liberal arts institutions) is preparing us very well for the corporate world. The entrepreneurship/finance/investments courses at Lawrence have well-prepared me for this type of setting, and the combination of small classes and heavy discussions transfer immediately into this private equity environment. I’m immensely grateful for what the Lawrence experience has taught me, and equally grateful for the LSB program. Without it, I probably wouldn’t be in Boston!

My day-to-day work, past training week, is called sourcing. This is essentially the process of doing industry research, followed by company-specific research, and ultimately dialing up Presidents and CEOs to gauge their interest in Copley as an investment partner. It can be a bit nerve-racking to call up the CEO of a multi-million dollar business, but I’ve been fine so far. Interested parties are passed on to our managing partners, and they do analysis with us on the industry and the company. Needless to say, there’s a lot of learning going on.