Boston is really a great city. I’m unsure of the exact number of higher education institutions here, but the culture is noticeably educated and cutting edge. Add in the revolutionary history, the Bruins having just played for the Stanley Cup, and a great group of fellow interns – and, well, my first few weeks have been awesome.

My average day looks a little like this:
6:45am Alarm
7:15-8:45am Workout with one of my roommates, a soccer player from Dartmouth (and for free – our office building has a weight room)
9:00am-12:30pm Research – be it on the general economy, my industry of choice (currently oil/gas/hydrofracking services), or specific companies within the space
12:30-1:30pm Lunch, frequently with the entire firm (3 partners and 6 interns)
1:30-5pm Follow-up calls, emails, and generally aggressive pursuit of companies I’m interested in
5-11:30pm My time. I’ve worked as late as 6:30pm on one occasion, but normally we get out around 5pm. Our apartment is across the street from the local t-stop (subway system), so it takes us 20 minutes to be in the heart of Boston. We normally cook for ourselves (I live with 3 other guys, 2 of which are fellow Copley interns) but make trips occasionally into the city to find food. With the NHL and NBA games over, I’m getting into Game of Thrones (on the suggestion of my boss. He offered to let me skip a day of work if I promised to spend it watching the show).

The weekends here are great. Beaches, parks, and a plethora of hole-in-the-wall restaurants have provided much to explore. Prof. Marty Finkler-esque (fiscally frugal) options for fresh produce are available every Saturday at the Quincy Market, and I tend to take advantage. Overall, the experience has been a blast thus far. My thanks go to alumni Scott Myers, ’79, and Bob Perille, ’80 and everyone involved with the LSB program. The time is flying by.

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