After almost a month at Carnegie Hall, it is finally beginning to sink in that I am living and working in New York City! First there was initial shock, then adjustment to the heat, the people, the subway, and now I have more comfort with the city and am trying to make the most of this experience.

I have jumped into a variety of projects within the Weill Music Institute, including drafting artist and venue contracts, attending marketing meetings, working on presentations, reflecting on my own musical and concert experiences and using those insights to develop new models or adjustments to concerts here, create visual and audio portfolios for court-involved youth participating in Carnegie Hall programs to provide them academic credit, and researching local hospitals and their neighborhoods in relation to marketing of upcoming concert series within the healthcare facilities. These are only a few of the projects going on, just within my Community team. I have also been watching the organization and execution of the first “National Youth Orchestra USA” tour beginning in the United States and continuing in Russia, the development of the “Link Up!” program for young orchestras to work with professional orchestras throughout both the country and the world, and many other projects throughout Carnegie Hall. Being a part of a few of these projects and witnessing others, I have truly began to realize and appreciate the magnitude and significance of Carnegie Hall. Not only do they continually bring masterful performances to their world renown concert hall each season, but they are reaching out and truly bringing the transformative power of music to as many people as they can.

There is a constant drive in the Carnegie Hall environment to continually give more people a better musical experience as often as possible. Reflection and innovation are constantly happening in the minds of Carnegie Hall staff. Knowing that there are few, if any, arts organizations that have the support and power that Carnegie Hall has can be discouraging, but having the opportunity to be immersed in a place where every person deeply believes in Carnegie Hall’s mission brings me hope for the future and motivation to bring the ideas, passion, and support for the arts elsewhere.