Of all the things I could say about my first month, the speed with which it passed stands out the most. This summer has been a huge opportunity, and I feel that I’ve been living to the fullest – both at work and in my free time.

My job has picked up a bit as business owners have contacted me, and forming relationships with them has proved fruitful. I’ve learned so much, both about the general sphere of business and the intricate details of many specific businesses. I’ve had the opportunity to sit in on calls with my managing directors, and listen to how they run things. I’m most excited about the possibility of having been involved with potential acquisitions – a “find” of mine is having lunch with our guys this Wednesday, and the possibility of a partnership there doesn’t look bad.

Outside of work my time flies even faster. Friends and family have come through to visit, and I’ve seen much of Boston (though it’d take far more than a single summer to get a taste of it all). The things you learn in a city – how to not pay attention to street-crossing signals, the importance of an iPod while riding public transit, why apps like Yelp and Zagat are so successful… it’s been fun to be part of a big city. I expect it’ll be an odd transition when I finally get home in August for football camp.