My time at Carnegie Hall has been a crucial part of my academic experience and will directly guide me in my plans for the future. One of my main goals when going into this internship was to learn if I wanted a future in arts administration and in particular if I wanted to go into an arts administration graduate program after I graduated from Lawrence. These five weeks have given me many resources and opportunities to understand if this path is for me.

First, because it is a relatively new field, each person who works there now has a different path in getting to Carnegie Hall from their co-worker. I have had the chance to speak with many people, those who went to graduate school, those who did not, those who studied music performance, education, business, art, and arts administration. Secondly, I have seen the skills and characteristics necessary to succeed and contribute to this field. At this point, I am very interested in pursuing this area of study, either directly in an arts administration program or an integrated approach of arts administration and business. Thirdly, this internship has complimented my time at Lawrence because I have been able to take what I have learned in a liberal arts setting of music and college courses, which do not include business or marketing courses, and apply them to a more corporate environment.

Overall, my time in New York City and Carnegie Hall has shown me a better picture of what I want to do, where I want to live, and what I want in my future and as a typical Lawrentian who wants to do everything and anything, this clarification is extremely helpful and makes me excited to design a more focused future for myself!

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