Two days ago we had a training session on financial analysis and modeling. Models (i.e dividend discount model, growth model, etc.) that were used during this session were the same principles that I learned this past spring with Tsvety in Investments. Math on valuations with company comparables has involved the same type of analysis that I’ve done in Financial Accounting, Investments, Entrepreneurship/Finance, etc. What I’ve found is that much of what we do at Lawrence is far more difficult than much of the work done out here. The skills demanded by my internship that are gleaned less from the academic experience, however, are very important to success in the PE realm. Personability, experience on the phone and through email, general business etiquette, and the ability to grind out work will define much of your success in the PE world. The technical skills required pale in comparison to simple work-ethic and people skills. However, I would likely fail if I tried to argue that work-ethic and people skills aren’t also outputs of a Lawrence education. All-nighters with problem sets make 9-5 days seem easy, and the ability to discuss, challenge, and compromise with classmates leads directly to the sort of people skills that I earlier referred to. Ultimately, the only real disconnect between my academic experience and my internship has been the dress code. Odd how easily the LU experience applies itself to the working world – but I’m glad to be a part of it.

Less than two weeks left now! It’s been a blast, but I’m ready to get back for football camp.

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