The Con-squared experience Oberlin in Italy was exactly what I needed. I got more intensive study on the art form I want to pursue as a career, I learned a good deal of Italian, I made some faculty and artist connections, and I had a very good look at graduate school. One of the greatest lectures I attended was on graduate school. They gave some wonderful tips on how to get into great voice graduate programs and I’ve already started using them for furthering my studies. They also influenced my life in another way altogether. After witnessing so many graduate students at Oberlin in Italy looking so healthy – I’ve changed the treatment of my body for the better. Since the program ended I started a new diet and exercise plan and I have lost over twenty pounds. It changed my life. It also changed what I want to listen to as well. I’ve always had a good deal of opera and classical singing on my ipod, but would prefer to listen to other genres more. The gradual change of listening to more opera/classical singing started happening during my junior year, but it was accelerated so much more from Oberlin in Italy. After the program ended, I went to three operas in England and have watched countless more on the Internet. I’ve caught the opera bug and I will never let it go. The entire program was a wonderful leap forward for my career.

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