My work with Hurar Investment Group is one of many paths that can be pursued with a background in economics, and it is allowing me to develop hard skills in business and finance that I wouldn’t be taught during classes.  I am an economics major with a focus on sustainable development, so most of the material I study at Lawrence is economic theory and case studies, with less emphasis on basic business and technical skills.  My academic background provides a great macro-perspective for the work that I am doing with Hurar, and has provided me with a foundation of soft skills that have been extremely useful. Economics and business require distinct sets of knowledge, but throughout my time at Lawrence I have been able to develop both through coursework, extracurricular opportunities, and jobs.  I am very interested in the theory behind economics, and the framework for analyzing interactions in the world that it provides; however I plan to pursue business after graduation.  My work with Hurar Investment Group provides an in-depth look at sustainable development in action and my Excel skills and financial knowledge have increased significantly. An added bonus is all of the practice I’m getting speaking Spanish in both formal and informal settings, which will help advance my Spanish minor as well!

In my time here I have realized how important government legislation is for sustainable development to be practical and cost-effective. Once it is mandated that alternative energy sources be used to meet a certain portion of a building’s demand, the interest in investing in new technologies or studying new methods of implementation increases immensely.  Macroeconomics discusses the large-scale impacts of government legislation, so I am eager to apply these ideas to what I have seen in practice in Spain and to predict the impact that similar legislation would have on the United States’ economy after I complete the course this year.