It’s been quite evident to me over the past 8 weeks just how clearly my internship experience with the NBRPA connects with my academic experience at Lawrence University. For starters, I came into the summer prepared to be active in several departments and juggle my time wisely between the many responsibilities at my site, and I believe that feeling can be attributed to the important skill I have acquired at LU: time management between three courses per term, a college basketball schedule, and the host of extracurriculars I am involved with on campus. Also, the work ethic that my Lawrence studies have instilled in me translated right over to my approach to this tremendous summer opportunity. I came to the organization that first day prepared, reminiscent of how I would get ready for a rigorous course up at school. More than anything, the mentally stimulating and engaging coursework at Lawrence made me ready for this summer opportunity and has made all the difference as I have begun to experience the sports business world. Similar to my studies at Lawrence, I have been challenged this summer to think outside the box in our events department and come up with innovative strategies to reach our members via social media platforms. Finally, my summer experience, which is rooted in interacting with one of the premier American professional sports leagues (NBA), represents an opportunity outside of anything that I could be a part of on campus or in my studies at LU. I’ve talked with several alumni and friends, and I believe that point deserves further consideration. While Lawrence does not offer any sports business classes, that does not mean a career in the business of sports is outside of the realm of possibilities for any LU student interested in the field. I look forward to touching on that point more in my next blog post. To me, it was my academic experience that played one of the most significant roles in qualifying me for this opportunity. My Lawrence education provided the tools, emphasized the value of learning how to learn, and instilled the work ethic. It’s the liberal arts at work, baby! ​