My internship with Navigant was an incredible experience that would not have been possible without my Lawrence education. Working as a consultant required critical and quick thinking, analytical skills, and the ability to communicate effectively. Every course at Lawrence, as well as extracurriculars, have helped to hone my communication skills while my focus in Economics as well as the I-E program helped develop my analytical and critical thinking skills.

Although my declared major at Lawrence has not changed since the day I arrived freshman year, my particular career interest has changed continuously. I have always been interested in business but my specific interest has shifted to touch many areas including Marketing, Finance, Public Economics, International Trade, Data Analysis, etc. Each experience or internship I have had gradually shaped my focus by eliminating items that turned out to be something not for me or reaffirming my interest in other areas. I am ecstatic that my summer internship at Navigant has done nothing but reaffirm my interest in consulting and data analysis. Going into my senior year, I am confident this is the career path I want to follow and I plan on working with my advisor as well as other professors and alumni to pursue this path and set myself up for a successful life after Lawrence.