I will be interning with the Center for Deep Listening at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY. Deep Listening is a practice meant to help in listening more intently to your surroundings and what these sounds contribute to life with the use of improvising, sounding, movement, dreams, and you guessed it, listening. My first week was spent and the next 2 weeks will be spent as TA/participant in the Deep Listening course being offered at RPI this summer. The course is interesting and a bit different from the Deep Listening lab that I took at Lawrence this past spring term. It is different because the majority of the students taking the course are studying some form of engineering. This has allowed me to see a different perspective and approach to the practice. These students view things from a very critical and analytical perspective and the way they choose to listen has been wonderful to observe. During my first week, but their third week, I got to listen to some compositions that the students created using sounds they recorded around their campus and then manipulating these sounds with a program called Audacity, we went on a student-lead sound walk, and are just now dipping into writing and performing text scores. Text scores are basically instructions to performing a sonic experience. Next week we will be diving more into those and doing more movement/body focused activities. Looking forward to telling you all about those! Attached is an image of Troy from the RPI campus, I’m not big on photos of myself and my site is this tiny little town, so I hope you guys enjoy the view!