New York Jazz Academy is an organization dedicated to teaching people of all ages, kids, adults, and elderly people how to approach jazz in a healthy, exciting way, taught by faculty that know it best and who are not only great players but also great, kind teachers. My impressions so far are that they definitely hold up to those standards. The faculty I’ll be working with all seem like such incredible people, and are very sunshiney and seem very positive and easy to work with, both for me and the students.

My first day was great, I went out to our church where we will be running the first week of camp to work with Dave Engelhard on one of the ensembles that NYJA works with year-round. The students all seemed very interested and invested in playing, and I got a chance to play both piano and drum set along with them as well. I was blown away by Dave, both as a teacher and a player. Truly top-notch in both categories, and an awesome, awesome dude who was friendly with me from the second I met him. Can’t wait to talk to him more. Now for the rest of the week I’ll be working out of Javier’s (the director) apartment with him and planning curriculum for the kids. Super pumped.