Simplifeye is a health tech startup that offers a software as a service (saas) platform for dentistries around the U.S. The platform helps offices improve their inter-office communication to ultimately reduce wait times 15-20%. Additionally, they offer a chat feature that allows doctors to easily communicate with other offices for referrals. An example: if your general dentist recommends that you have your wisdom teeth removed, they will typically give you a piece of paper as your referral and it is then your job to call the oral surgeon to schedule a surgery. The American Dental Association (ADA) found that 49% of these referrals don’t actually end up with a patient visit. Simplifeye has taken the responsibility away from the patient and passed it along to the oral surgeon who receives a quick referral from the chat system, to which they can then call the patient to schedule an appointment right then and there. Simplifeye is the first major mover innovating in a space that is longĀ outdated, and using current technology like the apple watch to do so.

My first impressions are great. I work in the heart of SOHO in Manhattan. The office is super laid back and really fun. My co-workers are already my good friends. And the work is fun and stimulating. I’m excited to contribute to the initial growth of this company.

In my picture you will see my co-worker/office dog, Prince!