I think that I have established a strong relationship with my two supervisors, the three other Student Services employees, the band program director, and the front desk receptionists. These are the people who I work with on almost a daily basis. There are many more people who I have met but only see once in awhile, and I met them all at the same time so it is hard to remember names. There is also a difference between Merit staff and the private instructors. I do not really work with the instructors, and it is their supervisors who I get to interact with more.

Usually, the library is locked when it is not Open Hours, but an instructor will knock on the door and come in to take an instrument or a piece of music. I always have to introduce myself first because they sometimes won’t, and I have to make sure they sign out the instrument and music because some of them think they don’t need to follow the rules. But I try to be friendly and I am working on remembering names and faces.