I have worked with so many wonderful people with whom I’ve been able to build a network and connection. The entire NYJA faculty is filled with top-notch New York musicians, many of which I’ve been trying to show that I am capable and worthy of work here in NY. I’ve been doing that by being early and always on hand, but I’ve also just been trying to be myself and be super positive and friendly and all about the music, and I think it’s been working well. A lot of the faculty have been very supportive of me, and I even got a $300 private event gig from a student who’s the lead singer of Madrid’s Cirque du Soleil who wanted to work with me! Ron Wilkins, a really incredible trombonist/vocalist on staff got me into the Blue Note for free to see the Dizzy Gillespie Big Band, Javier and other faculty members have been introducing and connecting me with their New York musician friends… it’s been so awesome to have everyone be so supportive of me here.