I have been fortunate enough to work with an excellent team. Everyone is young and on the same page, but also really accomplished. I talk to our CEO regularly. We have an open office and work collaboratively. My sales team here was a part of a startup called SinglePlatform that was acquired for $100 million, due in large part to their success in building the sales team there. We are using the same philosophies that were used there to have those same successes here at Simplifeye.

I have been able to network like crazy out here. Our team goes out for drinks weekly and I get the chance to talk on a more personal level with everyone and pick their brains. This time is especially important for me since I’m trying to build relationships out here. Everyone says once you’re involved in one startup out here it’s easy to find connections at almost any startup.

I also went to the LU alumni summer meet up last night and got to meet some more LU alumni!