After completing SDR (sales development representative) training I have been calling dental practices around the country and setting up meetings for our sales “closers”. I have learned that it is extremely hard to steal 10 minutes of a doctor’s time during the summer, especially specialists like oral surgeons and endodontists. It is my job to get passed that and set up a meeting through an office manager. I make anywhere from 150-200 calls a day. Our daily goal is to schedule at least seven meetings. That’s obviously an extremely small percentage when you’re making so many calls. We deal with a lot of rejection but it’s nice to have team members doing the exact same thing across the table so we can all laugh it off together. I am reaching my goals and also stretching beyond here and there so far. I work about 10 hours a day so it does get exhausting, but the work environment makes it easy to want to work.

I am certainly living the NYC grind. I wake up at 5:30am to workout, then catch the train at 8am and get into work just before our 8:52am team huddle every morning. I usually work until between 6 and 7pm, then head home to have some dinner and prep for the next day. I am a fan of being on the go and productive so this is the perfect environment for me!