Emma Webster, 2019
Voice Performance, Vocal Pedagogy minor
Oberlin in Italy, Arezzo, Italy
Organization website: http://www.oberlin-in-italy.com/
“This summer, I was offered the opportunity to sing La Ciesca in Gianni Schicchi, a role that offers challenges that I am excited to conquer. I have never been involved in an opera as intricate as this one, and I will learn musical, acting, and life skills that can be transferred into my current and future work. Also, it is an incredible chance to learn this Italian opera so close to its original city. I will have the possibility to learn more about the culture and what influenced Puccini to write this opera. Music evokes a different response in each person. As a performer, your goal is to bring out the positives of the music and leave your listener in a better place than before they entered the hall. I am so grateful to have the opportunity this summer to inspire the love for music in other people through my performance, while it grows even fonder inside of me.”