Hezekiah Ortiz, 2021
International Relations, Innovation & Entrepreneurship
The Freshman Experience and Sophomore Development Program, J.P Morgan Chase & Co., New York, NY
Organization website: http://https://careers.jpmorgan.com/careers/US/en/programs/freshman-experience
“As I was in a high school fellowship with J.P Morgan throughout high school, I am looking forward to returning to the headquarters in midtown Manhattan to continue honing my skills and creating a path for my intended career. For this program, J.P Morgan selected high achieving, college freshman who identify as African American or Hispanic decent. The program provides a virtual component that will familiarize us with the different markets that J.P Morgan has as a Universal bank, along with interview preparation. As a conclusion for the program, the participants will submit a video interview to J.P Morgan where it would be reviewed for a potential internship opportunity during our Sophomore or Junior year.”