Author: Gwendolyn Curtis-Ehrhart

10 Quick Tips for a Phone Interview

Quick Tips for a Phone Interview

 phone interview

In my personal experience with interviews, a clean, crisp appearance and a bit of background research never hurts to make a good first impression.  However, on my first phone interview I was at a bit of a loss; my entire qualification was being judged on my voice! If the prospect of not meeting an employer in person makes you even more nervous than an actual interview, here are some quick tips for phone interview strategies.

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Mission Critical

With the current recession making the job search hard, who wouldn’t want to hear that 273,000 or so new jobs will be opening up between now and 2012? Even better, wouldn’t it be great if these jobs were open to graduates from all majors: Economics, Biology, Psychology, Government, English, History, Anthropology and more?  Fortunately, in the federal government this dream is coming to fruition as a big reality called Mission Critical. Continue reading Mission Critical

Facebook and Your Online Appearance

Having reached 150 million members in 2009, Facebook is a growing force and the 5thmost popular website in the world.  As often as we hear warnings about privacy settings on Facebook and the importance of how we present ourselves online, this networking tool is becoming an integral part of daily life, especially for the collegiate or graduate student. However, I learned from personal experience that a few more simple precautions can go a long way to keep your profile looking as business professional as your off-line self. Continue reading Facebook and Your Online Appearance

Diversity In the Workplace


With an average of 11% of the Lawrence University population being international, as well as 112 off campus programs (102 of which are study abroad), diversity is not hard to find on campus. Compare this number to Knox College’s 6.8% and you can see that not every student in higher education gets the same exposure to diversity as Lawrentians. This diversity is not only a large drawing point for schools, it also comes into play as a significant antagonist within the workplace; many people consider diversity an issue, some sort of statistic to deal with or an egg-shell topic that should be pushed aside to avoid conflict. Instead of hiding such an important issue away, it should be faced and both the advantages and issues placed upon the table. Many employers and businesses are starting to do just that.

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