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Summer Internship Reflections – Starting Out: Andrew Breuninger

My first full week was filled with Italian class every morning Monday through Friday from 9-12. My schedule changes from day to day after that with a chance for lunch either at a restaurant or I cook something in the apartment. The rest of my day consists of either coachings on scenes, individual coachings for Così or masterclasses. I have a lesson once each week in addition to the coachings and from the late afternoon to the evening there is staging for Così fan tutte. It is wonderful to have the opportunity to work with so many different people from so many different operatic backgrounds and even after a week, I have learned a good deal of Italian, wonderful new approaches to my singing technique, how to better incorporate acting and singing., As well as witnessing a new director/conductor and how they stages opera/rehearse the cast.

Summer Internship Reflections – My First Month: Anna Buchholz

After almost a month at Carnegie Hall, it is finally beginning to sink in that I am living and working in New York City! First there was initial shock, then adjustment to the heat, the people, the subway, and now I have more comfort with the city and am trying to make the most of this experience.

I have jumped into a variety of projects within the Weill Music Institute, including drafting artist and venue contracts, attending marketing meetings, working on presentations, reflecting on my own musical and concert experiences and using those insights to develop new models or adjustments to concerts here, create visual and audio portfolios for court-involved youth participating in Carnegie Hall programs to provide them academic credit, and researching local hospitals and their neighborhoods in relation to marketing of upcoming concert series within the healthcare facilities. These are only a few of the projects going on, just within my Community team. Continue reading Summer Internship Reflections – My First Month: Anna Buchholz

Reflections of my first week: Andrew Breuninger

I arrived in Arezzo after an incredibly long flight from Milwaukee to Newark to Frankfurt to Zürich to Florence and then met up with the group on a bus to Arezzo. This summer I am taking part in the Oberlin in Italy Program in their Emerging Artist Opera Scenes Program and as a cover for Guglielmo in Mozart’s Così fan Tutte. I am in two scenes, one from Handel’s Radamisto and the other from Cimarosa’s Il Matrimonio Segreto. I was very nervous for the first rehearsal, but Lawrence prepared me for it very, very well. I get to work with opera coaches from such places as The Curtis Institute of Music, The Academy of Vocal Arts, Boston Conservatory, University of Maryland, and Oberlin Conservatory. I will also be taking Italian classes during the week. It will keep me pretty busy, but time flies when performing the things you love.

Arezzo is an incredible little city of about 100,000 people in Tuscany, Italy on a very steep hill with incredible architecture, a Medici Fortress, and many beautiful piazzas. It is about an hour away from Florence by train and is known for its annual Saracen Joust a tradition that’s been held since the Middle Ages in the grand piazza. Four competing neighborhoods have a joust competition where they hit a target and the team with the highest amount of points wins. It is a very big deal here and you can see which neighborhood you are in based on the flags hanging off of the buildings. I am in the Santa Spirito neighborhood whose colors are blue and yellow. I share an apartment with three other young men in the program that are also in the Emerging Artist Program. We’re very lucky because we have air conditioning, a kitchen, two balconies, and Wi-Fi. The interesting part will be sharing one key for four people and since we do not have a laundry machine, we will most likely be doing laundry in the bathtub. I am really looking forward to this wonderful opportunity of learning and cultural immersion.