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Reasons to Spend More Time on LinkedIn and Less on Facebook

These days, chances are you’re spending more time stalking on Facebook than thinking about the future. But, if you want to prepare for life after Lawrence (and you should), it’s a good idea to start devoting some of your time to more fruitful pursuits. Below are some reasons why LinkedIn beats Facebook in helping you further your career. (Plus, click on the infographic to the left for some interesting stats.)

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1. LinkedIn is a professional website. LinkedIn was created to connect professionals in online networking; Facebook was not. Although both services have evolved to include elements of each other, they do still remain true to their original purpose, and LinkedIn excels at presenting a professional front.

2. Your college professors might actually use LinkedIn. Although some colleges take a lax approach to social media, many still frown on Facebook connections between students and professors. But on LinkedIn, connections are typically seen as a positive thing, opening you up to the resources that your professors can share with you, including positive recommendations.

3. LinkedIn users log in with a purpose. While on Facebook, you may be surfing to find out about the latest cat video or your friend’s wedding photos, but LinkedIn tends to lead to a more task-driven visit. Users log in to check out job and collaboration opportunities, people to hire, and relevant industry news.

4. You’re more likely to get a recommendation on LinkedIn. A recommendation on either LinkedIn or Facebook is a great way to put your best foot forward, but you’re simply more likely to land one on LinkedIn. Recent stats show that 36% of LinkedIn users make a recommendation, compared to 27% of Facebook users. LinkedIn also has a 57% interested recommendation response, compared with 42% on Facebook (see more stats and source here.)

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Employers and Social Media

You may have seen the recent Associated Press article about employers asking for job candidates’ Facebook usernames and passwords (if not, you can read it here). According to the article, employers are taking the process of vetting job applicants one step further than just checking out their online profiles and now may want to be able to look at candidates’ accounts from the inside.

Facebook responded to this article by posting a note explaining that the practice of sharing or soliciting profile passwords is a violation of Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities, and that they do not think asking prospective employees to provide their passwords “is the right thing to do” (see the note here).

But isn’t the information on social networking sites fair game to employers? Not at all, according to many groups, including government officials and the ACLU, who have responded to the news of this practice with outrage. They say that using this information is a violation of applicants’ privacy and that asking for it during the application process may be coercive.

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10 Smart Ways to Use Social Media in Your Job Search

Social media has never been so vital to job hunters. But using social media like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn for job search takes a few more tricks than keeping profiles and personal updates. Here is an abstract from a slideshow by Alexis Grant from U.S. News Money and Career. See original slideshow here.

1. Let people know that you are looking. Tweet or update your status when you have published your resume.

2. Don’t be afraid to network on Facebook. Friends are usually more willing to help.

3. Make sure your Facebook profile is private. You may not want employers to see your personal updates.

4. Find information about hiring managers. Knowing them helps you customize your resume and cover letter.

5. Hyperlink your resume. Add the URL for your LinkedIn and Twitter profiles to your contact information on the resume.

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Tips for Networking While Still in College

As we like to say in Career Services, it’s never too early to start thinking about your life after Lawrence. A great way to begin preparing for the world that awaits you after graduation is by talking to as many people as you can and building relationships while you’re an undergrad. Here are some tips compiled by US News and World Report for how to go about networking while in college:

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1. Play the student card. Alumni and other contacts are more likely to help while you’re still a student, as these people are likely to feel less pressure talking to you when you’re just looking for advice and not yet for a job. Foster these relationships early and these contacts may want to help once you leave school.

2. Get an internship. This is the most obvious method, but its importance can’t be overstated. Landing an internship can be incredibly helpful in allowing you to gain contacts and references and in helping you to figure out what you actually want to do when you leave college. A good internship also puts you on the radar of the people in the field you’re working in, meaning they’re more likely to think of you when a job opportunity comes up. Continue reading Tips for Networking While Still in College

Become LinkedIn FURTHER: Making Better Use of LinkedIn’s Resources

A booming professional social network, LinkedIn allows its users to search for jobs, find employees, join professional groups, conduct market research, to name a few. For college job hunters, LinkedIn is not a mere job-searching engine, nor business persons’ Facebook. There is much more to do than just uploading your resume and “following” (as you do on Twitter).

Here are several ways to better thrive on LinkedIn.

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