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10 Quick Tips for a Phone Interview

Quick Tips for a Phone Interview

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In my personal experience with interviews, a clean, crisp appearance and a bit of background research never hurts to make a good first impression.  However, on my first phone interview I was at a bit of a loss; my entire qualification was being judged on my voice! If the prospect of not meeting an employer in person makes you even more nervous than an actual interview, here are some quick tips for phone interview strategies.

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Facebook and Your Online Appearance

Having reached 150 million members in 2009, Facebook is a growing force and the 5thmost popular website in the world.  As often as we hear warnings about privacy settings on Facebook and the importance of how we present ourselves online, this networking tool is becoming an integral part of daily life, especially for the collegiate or graduate student. However, I learned from personal experience that a few more simple precautions can go a long way to keep your profile looking as business professional as your off-line self. Continue reading Facebook and Your Online Appearance

Recession Proof YOURSELF


In times such as these, it is temping to look to jobs that are deemed to be “recession proof.” This idea is catered to by the media and reinforced by the fear of unemployment. It is understandable but dangerous. While there are jobs that are not reliant on the spending ability of others, and therefore less susceptible to economic downturn, it is important not to shape your career aspirations around the “hot fields” of the time. That strategy tends to have the same success rate as fad dieting.

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Resume or Curriculum Vitae?

Do you know which one you need for applying to a job or to graduate school in your field? Do you know the difference? Are you reading this and thinking “what the heck is a curriculum vitae?”

It is understandable if you are. I have spent the past three years working at the Career Center and have seen a CV once… in a book. This is because for the majority of your college career you will not need a CV. Traditionally CVs are required for positions in higher education and research. As such, they have earned the name “academic resume.” Today, while that stereotype still holds true, they are also being use when applying for graduate school in certain fields – particularly for PhD programs.

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The Benefits of Volunteering

Volunteering is a great way to help others while feeling good about yourself, but it can also be a great way of building skills that will advance you in the workforce. Many college students know that volunteering will look good on their graduate or medical school applications, but they less often think about the skills they are actually gaining.

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