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Simplifeye – My responsibilities – Austin Frank

After completing SDR (sales development representative) training I have been calling dental practices around the country and setting up meetings for our sales “closers”. I have learned that it is extremely hard to steal 10 minutes of a doctor’s time during the summer, especially specialists like oral surgeons and endodontists. It is my job to get passed that and set up a meeting through an office manager. I make anywhere from 150-200 calls a day. Our daily goal is to schedule at least seven meetings. That’s obviously an extremely small percentage when you’re making so many calls. We deal with a lot of rejection but it’s nice to have team members doing the exact same thing across the table so we can all laugh it off together. I am reaching my goals and also stretching beyond here and there so far. I work about 10 hours a day so it does get exhausting, but the work environment makes it easy to want to work.

I am certainly living the NYC grind. I wake up at 5:30am to workout, then catch the train at 8am and get into work just before our 8:52am team huddle every morning. I usually work until between 6 and 7pm, then head home to have some dinner and prep for the next day. I am a fan of being on the go and productive so this is the perfect environment for me!

Simplifeye – Making connections – Austin Frank

I have been fortunate enough to work with an excellent team. Everyone is young and on the same page, but also really accomplished. I talk to our CEO regularly. We have an open office and work collaboratively. My sales team here was a part of a startup called SinglePlatform that was acquired for $100 million, due in large part to their success in building the sales team there. We are using the same philosophies that were used there to have those same successes here at Simplifeye.

I have been able to network like crazy out here. Our team goes out for drinks weekly and I get the chance to talk on a more personal level with everyone and pick their brains. This time is especially important for me since I’m trying to build relationships out here. Everyone says once you’re involved in one startup out here it’s easy to find connections at almost any startup.

I also went to the LU alumni summer meet up last night and got to meet some more LU alumni!

Simplifeye – First impressions of my internship – Austin Frank

Simplifeye is a health tech startup that offers a software as a service (saas) platform for dentistries around the U.S. The platform helps offices improve their inter-office communication to ultimately reduce wait times 15-20%. Additionally, they offer a chat feature that allows doctors to easily communicate with other offices for referrals. An example: if your general dentist recommends that you have your wisdom teeth removed, they will typically give you a piece of paper as your referral and it is then your job to call the oral surgeon to schedule a surgery. The American Dental Association (ADA) found that 49% of these referrals don’t actually end up with a patient visit. Simplifeye has taken the responsibility away from the patient and passed it along to the oral surgeon who receives a quick referral from the chat system, to which they can then call the patient to schedule an appointment right then and there. Simplifeye is the first major mover innovating in a space that is long outdated, and using current technology like the apple watch to do so.

My first impressions are great. I work in the heart of SOHO in Manhattan. The office is super laid back and really fun. My co-workers are already my good friends. And the work is fun and stimulating. I’m excited to contribute to the initial growth of this company.

In my picture you will see my co-worker/office dog, Prince!