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Site Review: graduate-jobs.com

What the site says about itself:

“graduate-jobs.com is NOT a recruitment agency, we are a specialist graduate job board. According to High Fliers Research (2007) graduate-jobs.com is the biggest independent graduate job board in the UK. We allow small and large organisations in the UK to post graduate job advertisements and search CVs in a quick and cost effective way. All our services are available online once you have created (or are issued with) a username and password.

The concept is simple: to deliver graduates the best selection of graduate-jobs on the Internet, and to provide recruiters with the most cost effective, focused access to graduate jobseekers.”

The Pros

– You provide them with information about “Industry sectors you would like to work in” and “Career keywords” when you sign up, so they can create a list of opportunities that are relevant to your interests and experiences

– According the site, “over 3,665 recruiters” use this site

– You can search the site for jobs by location, employer, immediate start, sector, degree, industry

– You can upload a CV (resume) document so recruiters can “head hunt” you

– Provides a section of “graduate advice” guide to “assist you in formulating a plan for finding you your graduate job”

– This site is designed for people who want to work in the UK

The Cons

– This site is designed for people who want to work in the UK (and primarily for people who are also from the UK) – so it may not be for you.

– Clearly geared toward students in the UK, as all others select “Non-EU university” when making personal profile.

– Also, enter “Degree result” with the options of “Bachelors Pass,” “Bachelors 2:2,” “Bachelors 2:1,” “Bachelors 1st,” which probably doesn’t mean much to U.S. students

Final Thoughts:

If you’re specifically looking for an entry-level job in the UK, graduate-jobs.com seems like a great resource. If you’re not interested in relocating, this site it almost definitely not for you. However, you may want to check it out just to see what’s out there for people with similar interests and experience as you.

Have you used graduate-jobs.com? What did you think? Let us know!


FTC Disclaimer: A review of the site was requested via email. We were not paid and did not receive any compensation to conduct this review.


Employers and Social Media

You may have seen the recent Associated Press article about employers asking for job candidates’ Facebook usernames and passwords (if not, you can read it here). According to the article, employers are taking the process of vetting job applicants one step further than just checking out their online profiles and now may want to be able to look at candidates’ accounts from the inside.

Facebook responded to this article by posting a note explaining that the practice of sharing or soliciting profile passwords is a violation of Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities, and that they do not think asking prospective employees to provide their passwords “is the right thing to do” (see the note here).

But isn’t the information on social networking sites fair game to employers? Not at all, according to many groups, including government officials and the ACLU, who have responded to the news of this practice with outrage. They say that using this information is a violation of applicants’ privacy and that asking for it during the application process may be coercive.

Continue reading Employers and Social Media

Learn More About LUworks

Have you created your LUworks profile yet?

Created with you in mind, LUworks will help you find a job or internship by enabling you to:

  • Manage multiple resumes, cover letters, and other employment related documents
  • Search for and apply for employment opportunities online
  • View and RSVP for career events
  • Maintain an online Personal Calendar

For easy access to the website, click the picture to the left and then the “LUworks Student/Alum Login” logo.

Questions? Please contact Career Services at (920) 832-6561 or email careercenter@lawrence.edu.

Summer Prep: Get Ready for Internship and Employment Opportunities

Summer Prep: Get Ready for Internship and Employment Opportunities

If you find yourself cut off from campus resources, unemployed, or just plain bored this summer, you may feel as if there is nothing you can do to help increase your chances of getting that ideal job or internship in the future. In reality, the summer is a great time to start getting materials together and for making sure you are well prepared when job or internship opportunities present themselves. Here are a few tips to help you get ready for the application process:

– Identify your current educational and professional goals. Doing this can help you determine what you hope to get from an internship or job, and may help to guide your search for positions in the future.

– Get working on your résumé. Check out the Career Center’s website at http://www.lawrence.edu/dept/student_dean/career/resume/ for written information and watch the video at http://www.lawrence.edu/dept/student_dean/career/video/pages/resume_video.shtml. And, even if you are not sure about how to perfectly format a résumé or what exactly to include, creating of list of your experiences and what you learned from each can be extremely useful when you put together a more formal version of your résumé in the future. Continue reading Summer Prep: Get Ready for Internship and Employment Opportunities

Career Center Resource: Job Listings

Looking to build your resume, get some extra cash, and gain some real-world work experience? Check out the Career Center’s lists of full-time, part-time, and summer employment opportunities.

To start exploring, click on the “For Students” link from the Career Center’s homepage and look under the “Job Listings” category. Or, follow this link: http://www.lawrence.edu/dept/student_dean/career/students/students.shtml.

If you’re interested in applying for these positions or have any questions, be sure to contact the Career Center. Career Center staff can help you identify additional opportunities, as well as assist you with the application process.

James Dana Fellowship opportunity

Ronin Capital LLC
* Looking for an amazing job following graduation?
* Does working in Chicago, London, or New York sound appealing?
* Interested in empirical research?
* Curious about the Sovereign Debt Crisis of 2010?
Then, come listen to Larry Domash ’81 and Imtiaz Khan ’09 of Ronin Capital, LLC describe this new and unique fellowship.
Saturday, Sept. 25
Brunch: Noon – 1:00 p.m., Schumann Room (WCC)
Information Session: Time: 1:00 – 3:00 p.m., Hurvis Room (WCC)
Sign up in the Career Center by Wednesday, Sept. 22

(Looking for more information? Check out this post from the LU Econ Blog)