Unsettling America is a collection of powerful, diverse poetry that is compelling in its mission—to challenge the idea of a static American cultural mythos. Its five sections each have a message of their own, though they all intersect with each other. Joy Harjo uses the backdrop of Anchorage to paint a picture of loss and survival and gives us a look at the harsh realities of life as a Native American in “Anchorage.” in “Praise the Tortilla, Praise the Menudo, Praise the Chorizo,” Ray Gonzalez reminisces the food of his boyhood. In the last poem of this anthology,”Growing Up Italian,” Maria Mazziotti Gillan realizes that she is proud to be an Italian. The poems in this anthology can be full of quiet longing and loss, and they can be angry and loud. However, the collection’s ending suggests a powerful uprising; it is full of hope that these voices will be heard and that all will be welcome at the negotiating table.