Month: February 2011

Feminist Coming Out Day: March 8

When a queer student group and a feminist club teamed up at Harvard University to raise awareness about gender equality, the resulting campaign, Feminist Coming Out Day, brought together not only the two organizations, but also the campus community. Now, they’re partnering with Bitch Magazine and taking it nationwide!

“Feminism is the struggle to end sexist oppression. Its aim is not to benefit solely any specific group of women, any particular class of women. It does not privilege women over men. It has the power to transform in a meaningful way all our lives … Feminism as a movement to end sexist oppression directs our attention to systems of domination and the inter-relatedness of sex, race, and class oppression.” — bell hooks

What does a feminist look like? We want to give this movement your voice and face! Our project arose out of a frustration with the limited portrayal of the movement as straight, White, middle-class, able-bodied, and cisgendered. We know firsthand that our allies are a diverse bunch. In the weeks leading up to the event, our website will feature feminists from all walks of life talking about questions, such as: Why is gender equality important? What was your feminist awakening? What are the issues that matter to you most? How do you define feminism?

Submit your “portrait” (in the form of text, images, music, or video) for inclusion in our Feminist Portrait Project at and celebrate with us on March 8, 2011! (Tag it with the name of your school if you want it featured on your campus-specific page). And check out our campaign on IndieGoGo to help fund feminist media (links above). (read less)


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Honor Beyond the Classroom: Paul Wesselmann

Tuesday, February 22 · 7:30pm – 8:30pm
Warch Campus Center Cinema
711 E. Boldt Way
Appleton, WI

Are you ready to be heard?

We have all witnessed an increasingly uncivil tone in our society everywhere from political discussions to Facebook. Is it possible to embrace freedom of speech around extremely divergent opinions without tolerating hate on our Lawrence campus?

Lawrence students, faculty and staff will have a vigorous discussion at this program, facilitated by Paul Wesselmann, a nationally known leadership trainer who …has visited hundreds of campuses and uses his Facebook tribe of 5,000 to engage with respect.

This event is open to Lawrence students, faculty and staff. Community members are encouraged to attend Paul’s community-based discussion at the Appleton Public Library on March 23rd!

Check out more about Paul at

This event sponsored by CODA’s “Respect The Other” Campaign, the Campus Life Office, The Office of Multicultural Affairs, The President’s Committee on Diversity Affairs, GLOW, LifeLine, and many many others who believe in respect.

RSVP for the event on Facebook!