Month: May 2011

Citation Workshop (Just in Time!)

What? Academic Citation Workshop (sponsored by the Mudd Library and the CTL)
Who? All students welcome
Where? Library Room 401
When? This Sunday, May 22nd from 4-5pm

It’s the end of the term and the paper you’ve been working on for weeks is almost done, but you’ve forgotten where the footnote button is in the new version of Word, or you’ve forgotten how to format that pesky block quote.

If you’re freaking out (or if you’re just mildly curious), walk up the library stairs to Room 401 where Gretchen Revie, Julie Haurykiewicz and CTL head writing tutor Maggie Waz will review some common citation styles, provide helpful tips for embedding and formatting quotes, and point you to resources that will help you finish your paper efficiently.

It won’t take long, but it might just make the difference between a good night’s sleep and a stressful scouring of reference manuals for an obscure citation rule.

Contact Julie A. Haurykiewicz

Gender Studies Capstone Day: May 22nd

Gender Studies majors will be presenting the projects and papers they completed for their Capstone on Sunday, May 22nd, from 10AM – 3PM, in Steitz 102.

Faculty, students, friends, and family are welcome to attend. It’s a good event for anyone interested in or curious about Gender Studies, as you will witness a wide range of disciplines and arts research.

10-10.30: Art Activism and Social Change: Creating the First Mural at the Young Women’s Leadership Charter School –Ana Kennedy

10.30-11 Childfree Women & Feminism in Pronatalist America–Marie Straqaduine

11-11.30: Can You Dig It? Black Masculinity in Contemporary American Film–Kylie Anderson

11.30-Noon: Music and Gender in the Horror Film–Ali Tweedt

***12-1: Lunch***

1-1.30: Street Harassment and the Negotiation of Public Space in Cairo–Ari Steinberg

1.30-2: Working It Out: Work-Family Conflict and Couple Relationships–Joy Fernandez

2-2.30: Transgender Support Systems: Exploratory Ethnography in Appleton, WI– Melody Streich

2.30-3: Erotic painting in Pompeii: Displaying Desire–Kat Tow

OMA is Hiring


Are you a student looking for a fun job working with cool people? Of course you are!

Come join the Office of Multicultural Affairs Staff next year – applications and job descriptions are available via our website at

Applications are due via email or in our Inbox in the Diversity Center by Noon on Monday, May 9th – interviews will proceed May 12th-20th.

Questions?? Feel free to stop by or email us!