If you are following environmental issues on the Lawrence campus — or if you just want to know what you might be eating next year here — you probably know that we have contracted with Bon Appetit Management Company to provide food services to Lawrence next year. Bon Appetit offers organic, local and healthy food options, and by hiring them, Lawrence has taken another step towards sustainability.

Good news, right? There’s another reason to be happy about Bon Appetit, though. The company has made an agreement with labor organization The Coalition of Immokalee Workers to set working condition and wage standards for laborers who grow tomatoes in Florida. Bon Appetit has agreed to buy tomatoes only from growers who abide by the standards. The company buys almost 5 million pounds of tomatoes per year, so their decision could have a real impact on Florida growers who don’t want to play by the new rules.

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Bon Appetit’s press release can be read here. For more about the Coalition of Immokalee Workers, go here. And here’s an April 29 article from the Washington Post.