Does meeting with fellow students and faculty to talk about running a farm in the ghettos of Oakland, dumpster diving to feed pigs, and corralling runaway turkeys in downtown Oakland sound like fun?

During the Spring term Green Roots and the Environmental Studies program will be sponsoring a for credit campus read program. The book is Farm City: The Education of an Urban Farmer, by Novella Carpenter. Her work covers topics including sustainable agriculture, urban communities, and healthful eating. As a special treat, the author will be in the Fox Cities in mid-April, just before Earth Day!

Learn more about Novella Carpenter and her book at the following sites:

Please consider registering for one of the “ENST 320: Farm City: A community read” sections for this spring
Below are some important details:

* Course Number: ENST 320
* There are no prerequisites, this is not just for ENST students, so encourage your friends to sign up with you!
* 1 unit, S/U only grading
* No writing requirement or exams
* Classes will meet once per week for 1 hour for the first 5 weeks of the term.
* There are 8 sections for you to choose from, all meeting at different times. So you have your choice of times and instructors.
* Check out our Facebook group: LU community read
* Did I mention that you should encourage a friend to sign up with you?