The second annual Lawrence University pitch contest took place on Saturday, May 9th, with a distinguished panel of judges and a lot of entrepreneurial energy. The judges were Irene Strohbeen, Jill Enos, Neil Mix, and Nate Litt, and they awarded four prizes. Nijesh Upreti ’18 received the Best Idea prize, and Nathan Lawrence ’15 was selected Best Presenter. They both were awarded $100 towards exploring an entrepreneurial idea. Ian Pelton ’16 was awarded $500 seed funding towards developing Wear∞, which you’ll hear more about soon enough. And Messrs. Blake Roubos ’17 and Felix Henriksson ’17 received $1,000 seed funding for their Under Awareness start-up. Congratulations to all! Participants were also treated to a talk by Brad Cebulski on Friday. He talked about his path to becoming Founder and CEO of BConnected, the lessons he learned along the way, and his plans for boosting the entrepreneurial culture in the area with his partners in 513 College. All of us who participated in LaunchLU are grateful to organizers Zach Martin ’16 and Chelsey Choy ’16.