Author: Adam Galambos

Launch LU 2015

The second annual Lawrence University pitch contest took place on Saturday, May 9th, with a distinguished panel of judges and a lot of entrepreneurial energy. The judges were Irene Strohbeen, Jill Enos, Neil Mix, and Nate Litt, and they awarded four prizes. Nijesh Upreti ’18 received the Best Idea prize, and Nathan Lawrence ’15 was selected Best Presenter. They both were awarded $100 towards exploring an entrepreneurial idea. Ian Pelton ’16 was awarded $500 seed funding towards developing Wear∞, which you’ll hear more about soon enough. And Messrs. Blake Roubos ’17 and Felix Henriksson ’17 received $1,000 seed funding for their Under Awareness start-up. Congratulations to all! Participants were also treated to a talk by Brad Cebulski on Friday. He talked about his path to becoming Founder and CEO of BConnected, the lessons he learned along the way, and his plans for boosting the entrepreneurial culture in the area with his partners in 513 College. All of us who participated in LaunchLU are grateful to organizers Zach Martin ’16 and Chelsey Choy ’16.

Trailblazer among finalists at Princeton’s Tiger Launch

Joe Bazydlo ’16 and Eddie Elizondo ’16 entered Tiger Launch with their Trailblazer project last fall. Tiger Launch is Princeton University’s national pitch contest for university students. Trailblazer is an innovative smartphone app aimed to restore a sense of adventure in the National Parks. Fascinating park information is matched with a GPS point, a Trailblazer Beacon, on the park trails. Their video entry earned them a place amongst the semifinalists. They then had an opportunity to work with a venture capitalist in New York to prepare for their pitch at Princeton. They were chosen as finalists, along with undergraduate and MBA students from universities such as Princeton, Caltech, and University of Chicago. Congratulations!

See the Lawrence News piece on Trailblazer!

KidsGive spring break 2015

If you have taken Social Entrepreneurship with Professor Skran, you are already familiar with KidsGive. During spring break of 2015, Professor Skran will again take a group of Lawrence students to Sierra Leone. The students will have the opportunity to carry out individual research projects, volunteer with KidsGive at local schools, and participate in immersive cultural activities. The trip is open to students of all majors, as there are many opportunities for diverse projects throughout the country. Some recent examples include researching eco-tourism, studying water resources, and looking at the economic impact of diamond mines on neighboring communities. If you think you may be interested in joining, attend the informational meeting on Thursday, April 24th at 9PM in the Hurvis Room (Warch 2nd floor) to learn more about what part you can play in this trip.

Interdisciplinary Area in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Over the past six years, a group of Lawrence faculty members have developed several courses and course modules in innovation and entrepreneurship. By now, several hundred Lawrence students have taken those courses. The Lawrence faculty has now voted to create a formal academic program in innovation and entrepreneurship: the Interdisciplinary Area in I&E. Students from all majors with an interest in innovation or entrepreneurship are invited to explore the new IA. The rest of this post gives a general idea of the new IA. Look for more details on the I&E website in the near future.

To complete the interdisciplinary area, students will need to take three core courses and two electives. A final requirement is a 3-unit practicum that can be satisfied in a number of ways, including participation in the Rabbit Gallery, Greyfell Theatre, KidsGive, or some other student venture, or completing an entrepreneurial senior experience. All three core courses will be offered in 2014-15:

Several of I&E courses that can be used as electives will also be offered in 2014-15:

All of the above courses will soon be cross-listed under the new I&E course designator. In addition, several courses that are directly relevant for innovation and entrepreneurship or that have a significant I&E component will count as electives in the interdisciplinary area. In 2014-15 these will include

Other electives include

There will likely be more courses on the list of electives, and that list will be finalized by the time class schedules are set for 2014-15.

If you are interested in innovation or entrepreneurship and you are considering completing the IA, the best entry points are In Pursuit of Innovation, The Entrepreneurial Musician, or Social Entrepreneurship.

If you have any questions about the new IA, feel free to contact the Program Chair, Adam Galambos.

Start-Up Theatre is happening!

Twenty-two Lawrence students and three faculty members (Tim Troy, Gary Vaughan, Adam Galambos) are in day 4 of the two-week Björklunden immersion experience we are calling Start-Up Theatre. Within these two weeks, our students are writing, directing, designing, rehearsing, and performing four ten-minute plays, AND doing the marketing, outreach, grant-writing—everything.

They have now launched and named this new venture. Greyfell Theatre Company is Lawrence University’s newborn student-run theatre company. Its inaugural production is Thresholds — A Celebration of Ten-Minute Plays, to be performed December 12-14 at Björklunden.

Here is the mission statement and the official description:

Mission Statement:

Greyfell Theatre Company crafts performances that transport our audiences to radiant worlds both old and new in the restorative woods of Björklunden. Fearlessly collaborating in a swift production process, we illuminate fresh voices and invigorate the winter with vibrant new works.


Greyfell Theatre Company is a partnership between the Lawrence University Department of Theatre Arts and the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Program, initiated in the winter of 2013. Each year, a group of committed students arrive at Björklunden vid Sjön, the university’s northern campus in Door County. Greyfell aims to create new works of theatre in an accelerated start-up environment. The theatre derives its name from Greyfell, the swift shining horse of the Norse hero Sigurd whose image is immortalized in Björklunden’s Great Hall. Just as Greyfell was a symbol of vitality, Greyfell Theatre Company strives to invigorate the Door County community and illuminate new voices by building on the theatre-making tradition that the Department of Theatre Arts has cherished since 1930.

We are on Facebook:; on Twitter: (with Vine snippets), and check out the blog: Like us, follow us, talk to us, and come see the shows!

InnoFest 2013

Over twenty Lawrence students are putting the finishing touches on their final presentations for In Pursuit of Innovation. You can see what they’ve done this term at InnoFest 2013, which will take place on Monday, November 18th, and Wednesday, November 20th, both days 11:10—12:20, in the Warch Center Cinema.

Presentation Schedule:

Monday, 11/18

  • Omnia: A cool new way to extend your enjoyment of the silent sports through high quality, customized magazine content.
  • Collegeat: Educated nutrition for educated people. Know what you eat, eat what you need.
  • Larry Brew: A beer created by a group of Lawrence students for the community in collaboration with Stone Arch Brewing Co. 10% of their revenue will go towards community fundraising.
  • Got Buckets: The smarter basketball shooting machine for better training results

Wednesday, 11/20

  • Back-to-Work: Their mission is to provide a revolutionary chair product that marries posture improvement, simplicity and adjustability at a price that won’t break your back.
  • Appleton Canvas: Use repurposed space downtown to support art cultivation among students in low income communities.
  • Folding hanger: A new product to address the problem of limited closet space in tight urban dwellings.
  • AcryliCase: Stylish and effective protection for your Macbook.