Month: October 2007

Current Exhibits

Fall Traditions, Haunted Lawrence, and the Creepiest Thing from the Archives

An exhibit in the wall cases of Riverview Lounge in the Union features photographs and programs of past Fall Festivals, Parents’ Weekends, and football teams. The exhibit also includes photographs of buildings and people who have played significant roles in haunting the campus.

Wondering what the creepiest thing is from the Archives? You’ll have to go over to Riverview and see for yourself! When it was found in an unmarked box in the Archives, it did produce a loud shriek from the Archivist!

The exhibit is up through November. If you’ve had any experiences with ghosts or other spooky things on campus, let me know!

Lawrence NOT in Playboy

The most interesting Archives question of the week is, “Is it true that Lawrence University was featured in Playboy magazine as one of the nation’s ugliest college campuses (in terms of female looks)? The answer is no. A search through the magazine’s index and a call to Playboy Enterprises resulted in finding nothing on Lawrence in the magazine.

Good information to have if you’re ever asked about it, especially at a trivia contest!

Haunted Lawrence Tour

Ever wonder if there are any haunted places on campus? Given that Lawrence has been around for 160 years, there certainly is! Come and learn more about the haunted and creepy places on campus on Sunday, October 28 at 7 pm. We’ll meet at the Information Deck in the Union and tour the campus, including Cloak Theater, Memorial Chapel, and Main Hall. The tour will end in Riverview Lounge in the Union where a Midterm Stress Relief Social will take place. This even is sponsored by the Dean of Students Office, the Wellness Committee, and the University Archives.

Have a question about Lawrence ghosts and just can’t wait until Sunday to ask? Stop by the Archives, call or e-mail. And in case you’re wondering, sorry, no ghosts in the Archives have been spotted!