I’m currently teaching 7th grade math in Oregon, Wisconsin, which is a town just outside of Madison. This is my first teaching job and it’s going very well so far!

Not only has the Lawrence education department prepared me for this job, but the math department certainly has as well. Although 7th grade math is not quite as demanding as college math, I’ve been glad to have such a strong background in it and to feel so comfortable with the material. I also have been looking back and drawing from aspects of my independent study which was in geometry. This has been particularly helpful in the high school level geometry class I teach to a group of 7th and 8th graders at the middle school.

In addition to the math, I have learned from the math faculty on how to interact as a department. The community feel of the LU math department was very special to me, and definitely something I’m hoping to become part of at Oregon Middle School!