Being both a small and friendly department (with a good sense of humor), Lawrence’s math department is close-knit and supportive. We have Math Tea together each week and students have all-nighters together the nights before problem sets are due. Of course I don’t condone beginning work on math homework late enough that you must stay up all night to be able to finish it, as it’s not the best way to understand the material and do well in a course, but it can be fun and sometimes necessary given the workload Lawrence deals students from time to time.

All in all, the best way I’ve found to study math is to start as early as possible and work until you can’t progress further and then go talk to your professor with questions, or just to clear your head. Lawrence math professors are incredibly supportive and approachable and want to help students in any way possible. Also, given that it is a rather small department in a small school, professors have the time to work with each student individually in their office hours and are more than willing to talk to students about math or just chat during non-office hours as well. I am happy to have decided to be a math major at Lawrence and am very grateful to my professors for what I have learned from them and the relationships I’ve had with them.