I graduated with a double major in math and economics along with two years of Chinese classes. An essential part of my experience at Lawrence was an internship in the summer of 2006 in Ohio and China with A.O. Smith, a Milwaukee-based manufacturer of electric motors and water heaters. Prior to the internship, I had no business experience and did not know what I could do with my majors. I learned a lot about business and China during that summer, but the most important thing that I gained was a new-found confidence in myself, my educational background, and my preparation for the future. I have been working for A.O. Smith since graduation at their China headquarters in Nanjing.

My current responsibilities are varied, and include market research for new business opportunities, translation, overseeing the company’s online learning management system in China, etc. My day-to-day work in Nanjing has few direct links to coursework in my majors, but I’ve learned that the valuable skills I developed through my math and economics classes (problem-solving, logic, analysis, writing, research, just to name a few) along with the breadth and depth of my Lawrence education have prepared me to take on any challenge, even in completely unfamiliar fields and foreign countries.