I am currently working as the Director of Fixed Income Investment Risk Management at Wells Capital Management, Inc. in Menomonee Falls, WI. My team is tasked with understanding and monitoring the risks being taken by our fixed income portfolio management teams and making these risks transparent to the teams and senior management. To do this, we need to identify, quantify, and evaluate exposures within our products and make a judgment as to whether these exposures could lead to extreme performance. We work with senior management and the portfolio management teams to make sure all parties understand the exposures and are comfortable with the risk in the context of the client mandate.

The work my team does requires the use of a wide range of technical, quantitative, and statistical techniques. While the courses I took within the math department provided specific knowledge applicable to many of the problems we see on a daily basis, I have found that the problem-solving skills developed in these classes have been even more valuable. Applying these skills in close collaboration with my team members, another skill honed at Lawrence, allows us to tackle almost any problem with which we are presented.