Call for Participation

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National Conference
Lawrence University
February 9-11, 2012

The submissions portal is now CLOSED.

Deadline: October 15 [extended from October 1]

Any current SEAMUS member, any U.S. citizen, or anyone legally residing in the U.S. may submit works to the conference. Student submissions are strongly encouraged.

Music Submissions
Composers and sound artists are invited to submit up to two original works from the broad spectrum of electronic music including electro-acoustic works, works that combine sound and visual media, and sound installations.  Regardless of the media or style utilized by the respective artist, utmost consideration is given to the entry’s musical qualities, sound artistry, and craft.  All submissions will be adjudicated without regard to duration, however, preference will be given to works under 15 minutes in duration.
Works submitted by students will be automatically considered for the ASCAP/SEAMUS Student Commission Competition, pending successful completion of the additional Competition Application Form. Please see the ASCAP/SEAMUS Student Competition page for more details.

Concert Music Plus Poster Presentation
SEAMUS 2012 will include at least one event combining the concert presentation and poster presentation formats. Composers selected for this category will present their composition in a traditional concert setting and present a poster describing some aspect of the composition in the hall lobby before and after the concert. Music submitted to this category will automatically be considered a “Music Submission” and will be adjudicated using the same criteria described under “Music Submissions” above.  In addition to the composition, composers must submit an abstract describing their proposed poster (maximum 500 words).

Paper Submissions
Authors are invited to submit up to one abstract (maximum 500 words) for a paper on the subject of electro-acoustic music.

Panel Discussion and Demonstration Proposals
Proposals for panel discussions and demonstrations on the subject of electro-acoustic music are also welcome (maximum 250 words). These should include a list of participants and their current affiliations.

Submission Procedures
The submissions deadline for SEAMUS 2012 is October 15th, 2011. The Portal is now open! Please click here for the SEAMUS Online Portal. Complete details on the submission process are available on the Works Submissions page.

All submissions should be prepared for anonymous adjudication.  The composer/author(s) names may appear on audio files, but may not appear on scores or papers.

Acceptance and Attendance
Notification of acceptance will be via email from the conference hosts. Every effort will be made to send acceptance letters by November 18 or shortly thereafter. All programming decisions, including dates and times, are at the discretion of the conference hosts.  Composers/authors accepted to the conference must register and attend the conference.

The concerts will be presented in Lawrence Memorial Chapel and Harper Hall, each with multi-channel sound playback capabilities.  Additional venues for installations, papers, and presentations will be available.

Ensembles and Performers
The following ensembles and professional performers will consider works for performance:

Cantala Women’s Choir
Hybrid Ensemble (voice ensemble of 8-12 singers)
LUPE (Lawrence University Percussion Ensemble)
Lawrence Saxophone Ensemble (up to 18 players)
Lawrence University Wind Ensemble
Due East (percussionist Greg Beyer and flutist Erin Lesser)
Lux Saxophone Quartet
IGLU (Improvisatory Group of Lawrence University, open instrumentation)
Lawrence Trombone Ensemble
Lawrence Brass Quintet
Michael Mizrahi (piano)
Keith Kirchoff (piano)
Jeri-Mae G. Astolfi (piano)
Erin Lesser (flute/piccolo/alto flute/bass flute)
Suzanne Jordheim (flute)
Sara Kind (soprano/alto saxophone)
Jesse Dochnahl (soprano/alto/tenor/baritone saxophone)
Karen Leigh-Post (mezzo-soprano)
Joyce Andrews (soprano)
Nathan Kruger (baritone)
Matthew Michelic (viola)
Bruce Atwell (horn, natural horn)
Andre Gaskins (cello)
Emily Helvering (oboe, English horn)
Alison Shaw (percussion)
Nick Keelan (trombone)
Dylan Chmura-Moore (trombone)
Jeffrey Stannard (trumpet)
Mark Urness (string bass)
Kathrine Handford (organ)
Howard Niblock (oboe)
Susan Lawrence McCardell (bassoon)
Nathan Wysock (classical guitar)
David Wetzel (clarinet)

In addition, Lawrence Conservatory faculty will consider works that can be performed by their advanced students in the following departments: flute, oboe, saxophone, brass, percussion, piano, organ, string bass, guitar, and voice.

SEAMUS 2012 does not guarantee the availability of performers for any work.  If SEAMUS 2012 is unable to arrange for the performance of a selected work, the composer may provide his/her own performer(s).  Works for instruments/ensembles not listed above will be considered if the composer indicates that he/she is able to provide the necessary performer(s). Visiting performers will not be charged a conference registration fee.