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Understanding “iDisorder” Technology Addiction and Overcoming Its Hold On Us!

All Faculty and Staff are invited to attend a workshop about ‘iDisorder,’ the psychology of technology addiction.

 Monday February 18th at4pm Esch Studio or 8pm in Esch/Hurvis Room

The 4pm workshop will be geared specifically to college faculty and staff with an opportunity to ask questions and the evening program is open to the Lawrence Community and the public.

Our speaker is Dr. Larry Rosen of California State University. He is a research psychologist, computer educator, keynote speaker and is recognized as an international expert in the psychology of technology. We will be addressing topics like:

  1. Getting high on Technology: Hooked on smartphones
  2. The ups and downs of leading a cyber life
  3. Communication 101: Safety and training behind the screen
  4. You only think you’re dying: When pain is just pain
  5. Does my profile picture make me look fat?
  6. Delusions, hallucinations and social avoidance-is technology making us appear schizo?

Here’s a sneak peek from his book “iDisorder-understanding our obsession with technology and overcoming  its hold on us:”

  “Many of us are on the verge of an iDisorder as our daily interactions with media technologies may be imbuing us with signs and symptoms of one of many psychological disorders, including narcissism, obsessive-compulsive disorder, addiction, attention-deficit disorder, social phobia, antisocial personality disorder, hypochondriasis, body dysmorphic disorder, schizo-disorders, and voyeurism… Luckily for us, our brains are constantly changing. Neuroscientists call this ‘neuroplasticity,’ which is basically a constant process of strengthening and weakening neural (nerve cell) connections in the brain as a function of our experiences…. Given that our brains are inundated with stimuli all day long and that the digital content currently available in our world is the equivalent to everyone in the world tweeting or blogging constantly for a century, neuroplasticity is a brain-saver.”

We hope you will join us on the 18th for a great discussion.


WELLU, Student Wellness Committee, LU Gaming Club, and the Psychology Student Organization

WelLU Lunch & Learn: Effective Training for 5K Races

Lunch and Learn Tuesdays

Effective Training for 5K Races
Tuesday, February 12
11:30 a.m. – noon
Warch Campus Center 308 – Kraemer Conference Room

Lawrence’s own Coach Jason Fast will talk about effective ways to train for 5K races from just starting out to trying to improve your racetime.

All attendees receive coupons:

  • $1 off lunch @ Andrew Commons
  • 10% off @ KK’s Gifts & Apparel
  • Plus a Lawrence Academy of Music Cookbook

Register for “Tune into Stress” 6-Week Program by Feb. 4!

6-week personal program…
Register before Monday, Feb. 4
Runs through March 8

Identify your stressors in life and learn how to manage them!

Click here for details and registration.

All participants will be eligible for a prize drawing in March.  Prizes include: 

  • An overnight stay at the Copper Leaf Hotel
  • $25 towards dinner at the Bella Vita Ristorante (inside the Copper Leaf Hotel)
  • Two $25 gift cards to the Spa BenMarNico’s Salon (inside the Copper Leaf Hotel)

Wellness Fair Prize Winners

WELLU would like to extend a special thank you to everyone who braved the weather yesterday and attended the Wellness Fair.  Even with all of the snow, we had a great turnout and we hope everyone had the opportunity to learn more about the “Many Dimensions of Wellness”.

The following staff have won prizes and can pick them up from Erin Buenzli in the Buchanan Kiewit Wellness Center:

–          Aromatherapy Gift Basket:           Nicole Schultz, Facility Services

–          ING golf putter, bag, cap:            Lisa Van Zeeland, Financial Services

–          Bon Appetit Gift Basket:              Nicole Buenzli, Admissions

–          Kwik Trip Gift Card:                    Linda Peeters, Conference and Summer Programs

–          Fidelity Bag:                               Erin Punzenberger, Human Resources

WELLU Lunch and Learn on Wednesday!



October Lunch & Learn

Think Pink!

Dr. Editha Krueger
Local Radiation Oncologist

Early Detection of Breast Cancer Saves Lives!

Wednesday, October 10
Noon-12:30 p.m.
Warch Campus Center Cinema

  • Breast cancer awareness give-aways (compliments of LU Health Services
  • Pink wristbands $2 (from LU men’s soccer)
  • Pink t-shirts $10 (from LU volleyball)
  • FREE educational handouts (compliments of American Cancer Society)
  • Pink lemonade and treats for all presentation attendees (compliments of Bon Appetit)

Plus…from 11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. you can…

Purchase a BLISS bracelet for only $20* and a Bliss package will be delievered to a local cancer patient.

*Regularly $45…special thanks to Dr. Krueger who is donating $25 for every bracelet purchased!

Lunch and Learn: Motivating You to be Active Every Day!

You wish you had more time to exercise, to go for a walk, to take that bike ride, but there just is not enough time in the day.
You wish you felt stronger and had more energy to get moving, but at the moment, you’re just too tired to do anything.

Does any of that sound familiar? If so, don’t miss this opportunity to learn from athletic trainer, Andrew Braun, who will talk about simple exercise that you can do to improve your strength, balance and fitness.

Tuesday, August 14
Noon – 12:30 p.m.
Warch Campus Center, Kraemer Room


Sign up for the annual Health Risk Assessment opportunity!

Don’t forget to register for the Health Risk Assessment (HRA) opportunity that is available to you and your spouse/domestic partner.  Screenings will be held in the Warch Campus Center (4th floor) from April 10 – April 18.  Report deliveries will be held in Landis Peabody (2nd floor) from May 9-17.

Why participate?

1)    You gain a current understanding of any potential health risks you may have.
2)    You receive a personal, confidential individual report delivery and consultation with an experienced Registered Nurse.
3)    You get an annual comparison of any past and future health risk assessment results to help you identify your health status “trends”.
4)    You save time and can share and discuss your results with your primary care physician when you have your annual physical exam.
5)    You save money by avoiding the cost of having the lab tests done through your physician’s office and being billed to your health plan.
6)    It is no cost to you – Lawrence pays 100% of the cost for you to participate (a $200 value).
7)    It is 100% confidential.  No one from Lawrence University has access to your personal results.
8)    You will receive a discounted health insurance premium for the next plan year (July 1, 2012 to June 30, 2013).  Details will be announced during open enrollment in May.
9)    You will also receive a complimentary book, The Culprit & The Cure that helps you to discover how lifestyle is both the culprit and the cure.

For complete details, including directions on how to register for the HRA screening AND report delivery, CLICK HERE

Thank you for taking advantage of this wellness opportunity. If you have any questions, please contact Patty Leiker (ext. 6543) or Erin Punzenberger (ext. 6564) in Human Resources.

Weight Watchers registration deadline extended — March 20

Dear Faculty and Staff,

The deadline to register for Weight Watchers on campus has been extended to Noon on Tuesday, March 20.

We currently need just a few more individuals to join in order to continue offering this opportunity.  As a reminder, the cost is $39.95/month.

To register, log on to using Company ID is 59196 and the Company Passcode is WW59196

Please contact Patty Leiker x6543 in Human Resources if you have any questions.

Weight Watchers Open House Friday, February 17

Weight Watchers at Lawrence needs a few more people to join in order to continue, so we are having an

Friday, February 17
Come anytime between Noon – 1 pm
Warch Campus Center Cinema

Meet Kathy, our NEW LEADER.  You will love her energy and enthusiasm!!!

Join the Lawrence Weight Watchers members who have already lost more than 275 lbs!

Not sure if Weight Watchers is for you?  This is your opportunity to learn more about the program, with no cost or obligation!

Once we have enough members, meetings will be held at Noon every Friday in the Warch Campus Center Cinema.