Get to Know the Björklunden Staff

The Björklunden Staff: Ben, Steve, Kim, Mark and Sam

 As Lawrence’s northern campus, Björklunden provides an exceptional learning environment for students, faculty and staff.  Björklunden also provides unique educational opportunities for lifelong learners through the seminar program and is used regularly by local groups for meetings and retreats. 

Our seminar program, ‘A Vacation with a Focus’ offers a unique environment for those dedicated to life-long learning. A setting where people can come together to learn, share, relax, and grow. These classes attract an average of 632 adults to the lodge every summer and are a gateway for those people to learn what Björklunden and Lawrence University are all about.

Our weekend Student Program hosts groups from Art History, Russian Club and Sinfonia to Concert Choir, Ultimate Frisbee and the Trivia Masters! Students coming to Björklunden are immersed in community spirit — bringing together fellow students, faculty and staff for a weekend to create memories that will last for decades.

The Björklunden Lodge

And did you know that Björklunden hires students from Lawrence in the summer to take care of our seminar guests? Or that Björklunden has the only student cleaned restrooms on either campus? How about the fact that we are fighting to take back our shoreline from the invasive species known as Phragmites? Or that we are looking for ways to connect energy use and student’s habits at Björklunden? Something else you may not know – we clean!!  Without an actual maintenance person on our staff, we all pitch in to keep this lodge sparkling clean and inviting.  We enjoy working together to get it done.  (Sam and Kim are probably the only two people in the world that actually have fun deep cleaning a commercial kitchen!)

A path through the woods to the lake.

Each and every day at Björklunden is as unique as the people who come through our doors. Whatever the reason they are visiting — from the moment they enter it’s apparent they are delighted to be here. It’s a privilege for us to share this magical place with them. It’s a privilege to be here to welcome back those who know and love Björklunden.  And it’s a privilege to walk someone through for the first time. And let’s not forget the view — a spectacular sunrise, a gentle snowfall among the birches, the waves crashing the shoreline — can’t beat that for the place we call work!

The Björklunden Staff
Ben Meyer ’00 – Student/Guest Manager
Steve Martin – Chef
Kim Eckstein – Office Coordinator
Mark Breseman ’78 – Executive Director
Samantha Szynskie ’09 – Assistant Director