It’s finally here! You’ve counted down the days and now, at long last, some of you may be headed home to sit on the couch and think about absolutely nothing for the next week or so.

While your rest and relaxation is definitely well deserved, if you find yourself a bit bored 4 or 5 days into the break, here are some productive steps you can take to get yourself ready for Spring term and whatever comes next.

1. Search the internet for jobs and internships. Sure, looking at applications is a lot less hilarious than videos of cats running into walls. But, you’re bored anyway, so why not put your internet-searching skills to good use to find some good options and take the time you really should on your applications?

2. Ditto for scholarships. If you have plans lined up for this summer or after graduation, exercise your essay-writing skills to get yourself some moolah. Finding and working on applications are tedious jobs, so use this extra time to get as much done as you can. Plus, your reward for a couple of days of work might be a few thousand dollars – which is a pretty sweet pay off.

3. Read things you’re interested in. There never seems to be enough time to read for pleasure during the term, so take advantage of the opportunity to catch up on the publications and books you’ve wished you could fit in. Plus, being an active reader can help you improve your writing skills, so keep at it!

4. Plan an awesome summer vacation. If you’re not planning to work this summer, start thinking about making that amazing adventure you’ve always wanted to have a reality. Plan a road trip, look into flights to Europe, try to convince your parents to let you backpack across the Yukon territory. These plans will help you stay excited through Spring term and get you thinking about activities outside of your living room.