Learn about your new Appleton community and go “into the streets” with the VCSC!

Into the Streets provides first-year students with an introduction to the Fox Cities area and the needs of the community. Lawrentian volunteers will be afforded the opportunity to tour an agency and learn about the mission, goals, and community issues addressed at each agency. Following a brief overview of the agency, students are asked to participate in a service project together.

Through involvement in the Volunteer and Community Service Center (VCSC), we hope students will become exposed to new ideas that may influence their future perspectives on community, social justice, and humanitarian issues. Please register by THURSDAY, 9/10.

Welcome First-year students!

We look forward to meeting new students during our Into the Streets event, during welcome week, on Saturday, September 12 from 1-5 pm. We invite all new students to venture “into the streets” to get to know Appleton and to learn about the service needs and opportunities in a new community. Additional details will be on this page shortly and will also be shared with you during your first hall meetings. Welcome!!

Closed for July

The Volunteer and Community Service Center is now closed and will re-open August 3, 2015. All student-run programs, such as our VITAL tutoring program, LARY mentoring program and HYPE and HOLAS cultural support programs will resume late September when students return to the Volunteer Center. Should you need immediate assistance, please contact the Dean of Students office at 920.832.6596.

Goodbye 2013-14 school year! Hello summer!

Lawrence University does not provide instruction during the summer months and students are now entering their summer break. A few students remain on campus to pursue internships in the Fox Cities or on-campus research/employment. All VCSC programs are now closed and will resume late September/Early October 2014. Thank you for a successful year!

Civic Life Project: Facilitators Needed!

Civic Life Project- Facilitators Needed!
Once again volunteers are needed to help facilitate discussion around five short documentary films produced by Lawrence students. The films raise awareness about disproportionate imprisonment of minorities, challenges faced by individuals with dementia, challenges sex offenders face with reintegration, the achievement gap, and domestic violence effects on children. The event will take place Wednesday May 14, 2014 from 7:00 AM – 9:00 AM in the Somerset Room, Warch Campus Center.

Reading Period Service Trip (To The Twin Cities)

What does “Food Justice” mean to you?

The event is a four day service trip over reading period (May 8-11) to the Twin Cities (Minneapolis-St. Paul) exploring the topic of food justice. Food justice is exercising the right to have access to health and culturally appropriate food. This access to healthy food is especially an issue in low income neighborhoods. For example there are areas in cities, even in Appleton, that are considered ‘food deserts’ because there is no access to food other than corner stores with gas station food nearby. The grocery stores are farther away and this distance can be a barrier for people of lower income who can’t afford to travel or don’t have the time to get to a grocery store. If you’re interested in taking part on this trip, please click on the link below. Cost = $25 and includes housing, transportation and food.


7 Days Of Service (A Volunteer Competition)

Get all of your ducks in a row . . . volunteer! Starting April 19th, the Volunteer Center will be hosting a week long volunteer competition to offer Lawrentians the chance to engage with the Appleton community. Opportunities to volunteer will be provided at the Building for Kids, Boys and Girls Club, Brewster Village, and more! The deadline to register is April 16th so start getting your ducks in a row now and sign up today. There will be prizes for both individual volunteers and teams of volunteers; including a $50 Toppers gift card for the team with the most hours and a $25 Appleton Downtown, Inc. gift card to the individual with the most hours.

Click here to sign up!

**In addition, there will be an exciting kick-off event on April 19th from 1-3pm to start things off. Students will be assigned to a team and will experience a campus wide scavenger hunt to learn more about volunteer opportunities in the Appleton area. Registration is not required for the event kick-off event so please just show up at the Wriston Amphitheater**