WelLU is excited to present, Dr. Larry Rosen of California State University, a research psychologist, computer educator, keynote speaker and internationally recognized expert in the psychology of technology.

With the ever-increasing presence of technology in our lives (and our subsequent dependency on it), it is important to take a look at the role we are allowing it to play on a day to day basis. This event is open to Lawrence staff,faculty, students and our friends in the surrounding community and promises to be insightful and applicable to all ages.  There is no admission cost.

Here’s a sneak peak from his book “iDisorder”, which is the launch point for this talk:

“Many of us are on the verge of an iDisorder as our daily interactions with media technologies may be imbuing us with signs and symptoms of one of many psychological disorders, including narcissism, obsessive-compulsive disorder, addiction, attention-deficit disorder, social phobia, antisocial personality disorder, hypochondriasis, body dysmorphic disorder, schizo-disorders, and voyeurism… Luckily for us, our brains are constantly changing. Neuroscientists call this ‘neuroplasticity,’ which is basically a consta

nt process of strengthening and weakening neural (nerve cell) connections in the brain as a function of our experiences…. Given that our brains are inundated with stimuli all day long and that the digital content currently available in our world is the equivalent to everyone in the world tweeting or blogging constantly for a century, neuroplasticity is a brain-saver.” 

iDisorder will be presented on February 18 at 8:00pm in the Warch Campus Center Cinema at Lawrence University. We hope to see you all there.