twitter-t.jpgIt’s no surprise to anyone associated with Lawrence that our alums and students are pursuing some amazing activities through full-time employment, internships and volunteer efforts. Now, with the help of microblogging tool, Twitter, you can begin tracking some of those activities. One of the best ways to show support of alums and students on Twitter is to follow them (i.e. choose to receive their updates) and to retweet (i.e. share) content that you find interesting to your followers.

We will continue to add to this list as we become aware of more alums and students. If you are an alum or student and would like to be added to the list, please leave your name, grad year and Twitter username in a comment.

(Updated March 8 )

Lawrentians on Twitter:
(You can also follow @onecardinal‘s LU list

John Bruce, ’76 @JohnMBruce
Robb Campbell, ’76 @lowcountrygf
Jennifer Dieter, ’03 @JenniferDieter
Jessica Dukelow, ’02 @JessaLovesCrew
Joshua Dukelow, ’02 @joshdukelow
Chuck Erickson, ’02 @yooper79
Stephen Flynn, ’09 @sxflynn
Craig Gagnon, ’76 @craiggagnon
Kelsey Grubbs, ’07 @kelseygrubbs
Tim Hadley, ’99 @timhadley
Robin Haslach, ’02 @robinny
Emily Henderson, ’07 @EmilyLHenderson
Meg Hoppe, ’82 @meghoppe
Matthew Jenetopulos, ’07 @vvp317
Diane Kern, ’70 @palpito
Cameron Kramlich, ’02 @kramlich
Jamie Lee, ’02 @jdbird_
Lisa Beth Lentini, ’97 @lblentini
Greg Linnemanstons, ’80 @greglinn
Mariel (Clemente) Mohns, ’08 @marielmohns AND @fenwickpiano
Terry Moran, ’82 @TerryMoran
Andrew Motiwalla, ’96 @motiwalla
Bilge Oncul-Bastu, ’99 @boncul
Barbara B. Petura, ’65 @BBPetura
Paul Pliakas, @pepliakas
Zan Popp, ’99 @sabatinigallery AND @TopekaLibrary
Colin Powell, ’04 @onecardinal AND @colinpwll
Julie Rapacki, ’86 @julierapacki
Tom Rausch, ’80 @tcrausch
Duwaine Robinson, ’05 @duwainer
Tim Schmidt, ’03 @tiwisc
Katherine Tanski, ’03 @metakate
Brendan Tripp, ’79 @BTRIPP
Jessica Vogt, ’09 @jessvogt
Melody Waring, ’07 @melodywaring
Robin Fiedler Wheeler, ’84 @scatj
Silagh White, ’87 @silagh AND @artslehigh
Chuck Will, ’74 @chuckbwill
Janet Wright, ’82 @janet_wright

LUCareerCenter’s LUAlum list:

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