Some of the duties I have been working on at BDSI are common data wrangling procedures. We have multiple data sets regarding different genomic studies, and in order to do a mete-analysis, we need to adjust the data sets into a common format. What I mean by this specifically: we configure certain columns to have the same units/value (such as making sure all effects are expressed as Betas or Odds Ratios), calculate additional data that is hidden and needed within the data set, cleaning data (different studies build data differently), and etc. When it comes to data analysis, data wrangling tends to be a good chunk of the work.

The program definitely gives great insight into the kind of career I am pursuing. Not only are we working on data sets that nobody has touched before and expected to work through it ourselves, but our project leaders work closely with us and explain the more technical end of the work. After seeing the wide spectrum of work biostatisticians are doing, I am only reassured that I want to pursue a career in statistics.